SmartFence is not an ordinary home fence but is a fencing system that can be designed with your choice of ornamental pickets, chain link fabric, or wood that allows added flexibility to include additional home security and modern conveniences .

SmartFence brings the underground above ground with a revolutionary design that insures strength and durability without compromising the aesthetics of your home property.

SmartFence is a cost effective solution that will allow conduit/piping to be run through your  fence,  so there is no need for unsightly trenches for you to enjoy the conveniences of outdoor water, electrical and gas services.

SmartFence applications of  continuous conduit through posts provides a homeowner uninterrrupted lines for services such as:

1.  Security – Security Cameras, ICCTVI, Access Control
2.  Electrical : High and Low Voltage
3.  Lighting – Electric Gas Solar
4.  Gas: Heat,  Water, Fire Pit
5.  Sprinkler- Irrigation, Fire Suppression, Pest Control
6.  Speakers - Music , Video

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SmartFence increases the value of your home,  provides multi-purpose conveniences that save you time, while providing you with  peace of mind, even when you are away from home!